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Fratello is a classic Italian trattoria tiny coffee space, modern, familiar and happy.

Fratello means brother in Italian.

We gulp it down, and on the run, we brew and grind the beans in front of you for freshness.

Drink and go: that's the philosophy. It’s part of the lifestyle, a persistent aroma envelopes people from morning until dinner.

Everything here is made and smells of coffee, chocolates, frappes, café lattes, Authentic Italian pasta, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Why the name?

Mike N. Tan, owner of Café Fratello got its name during his stay in Rome, Italy when he was a seminarian. As he recounts - The chef we call “Capo Cuoco”, which means head chef in Italy, is the divine creator of our pleasurable seminary meal. Fratello Mauricio and Fratello Francisco both Sicilian Italians are Cuisine Whizzes. They not only cook for us, they also teach us how to prepare the secrets of Italian pasta.

He’s also a commercial food photographer that’s why he loves cooking and taking photos of food professionally.


Nostalgic about my days in Italy, I set my foot again in Rome in 2000 where I reunited with Fratello Mauricio, who once more amused me with his craft in pasta and prepared that sumptuous meal for the very fortunate seminarians. I remember him so well for he served us only the best and his best satisfied our hungry appetite. This is how Fratello got its name. Inspired by the Fratelli in Italia (brothers in Italy).

Buon Appetito!


Products/ Menu:



Grilled Cheese sandwiches






Iced Coffee

Fresh squeezed lemonade

Italian Cremosa


Hot Choco


Coffee Cart Event Service

Mobile espresso and Frappe services catered to weddings, debuts, birthdays, and corporate events. We’re bringing Café Fratello coffee cart shop to your private functions to add lifestyle and let your guest enjoy fresh coffee. So bring us to your event, for inquiry call Café Fratello at 02.503.8844; 0917.551.6463. Like us on FB @cafefratello.


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